Corey Arthur

Building tools and breaking apps.

Hey, I’m Corey Arthur: Security Consultant and 1337 H4ck3r.

I specialise in web apps, and occasionally build tools for pentests and bug bounties.

Recent Projects:

Logger++ – Advanced HTTP Logging and Filtering

Stepper – Multi Stage HTTP Repeater

Collaborator++ – Collaborator Interaction Manager and Authentication Service


Starting out learning various programming languages, I always intended to become a software developer. As I learned more languages and technologies, I started to learn how to build websites and learnt a few little things about security along the way.

While studying at The University of Manchester, I found NCC Group’s “Ninja Challenge” and worked on the challenges until I’d cracked them all.

As a result, NCC Group offered me a summer internship. Here, I spent my time learning more about cyber security, and in between added new features to Soroush Dalili’s Logger++.

After graduating in 2018, I started work at NCC Group as a security consultant, focusing on web application security and spending spare time working on new tools.